Supporting your world

Supporting your world


Through strata, community and governance

Your world is important to us.  

We care about your property, your facilities, and your lifestyle. We know that all you need is a professional and approachable strata manager to take care of all your daily living and maintenance needs and to help to provide a broader sense of community within the space that you live.

We’ll do just that. We’re here to support you, your lifestyle and your world.




The world of strata has become increasingly complex and technical, with so many rules and regulations, responsibilities and statutory compliance that most buildings must now adhere to.


With the range of issues now facing an owners corporation and its executive committee, it has become far too complex for a single strata manager to have all the necessary expertise.


At Cambridge Management Services, we’ve created specialist departments to help your strata manager work more efficiently, relieving them of all the clerical and logistical tasks necessary for the day to day running of your scheme. Each of our specialist personnel are trained in their particular area of expertise and are fully qualified to deal with any issue you may have.


We know that a well-run scheme requires an effective partnership between the strata manager and the executive committee. We see the role of a good strata manager as being the liaison point between these specialist personnel and your committee. You can be confident they will be guided by our professional service and expert advice.



People buy into a lifestyle, not just a building.

A strata scheme is ultimately a place where people live and so its purpose is to create a community, or sense of belonging. Residents want a peaceful coexistence where they can share the quiet enjoyment of their homes.


There are many social issues affecting people living together in close proximity, sharing living space, common property and facilities. For residents to live together in peace, harmony and good order, the executive committee must have a vision that unites everyone for the common good.


Good strata management goes beyond money and maintenance. A well run community must also give residents continued support for the lifestyle and world in which they live.


At Cambridge Management Services we do just that.



Every strata scheme requires strong and clear governance. Good corporate governance is shared between the executive committee and the strata manager and it requires the ability to make balanced and informed decisions that meet the broader needs of all residents in its community.


The executive committee and strata manager must form a strategic alliance to help build a sense of community within a scheme where residents feel supported and cooperate to create a pleasant and peaceful place to live.
Residents need to know that their living essentials are being taken care of diligently, their financial interests are handled prudently and that their lifestyle needs are being supported.


As your strata managing agent, we will form an approachable and respectful relationship with your executive committee, empowering them with information and guidance to be able to administer your scheme effectively whilst building a sense of purpose and direction for the future.



Our promise


is that we have assembled an elite team of strata professionals to provide you with the ultimate in advice and service enabling you to run your scheme effortlessly, efficiently and successfully!