The Esquire Story



The Esquire story


Esquire Group is a leading strata services group with offices across Australia.


Our story began a few years back with the realisation that more and more people were consciously choosing to live in high rise apartments or communities with shared facilities and common property.


Strata property ownership has always been complicated; embroiled in legal, financial and social interrelationships. We were beginning to see an increase in the legal requirements involved. The demographic of strata owners had shifted; they’d also become more discerning.


We could see that the world of strata was changing. We decided it was time for a new approach to strata and facilities property management.


Three years ago, in a very innovative move, Esquire Property Group (EPG) was formed to bring together and connect the Experience, Expertise and Empathy of two very different and unique leading Australian property management companies – Bright & Duggan and Cambridge Management Services.


Bright & Duggan is one of the oldest, largest and most respected strata management companies in NSW. We employ over 65 people and manage in excess of 800 strata and community title schemes ranging from 2 lots to estates of over 1600 lots, spread geographically throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.


Cambridge Management Services is the only true national strata and facilities management company, managing some of Australia's most prestigious strata communities in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. Together, our two companies represented a formidable new force in real property management.


Since then, we’ve welcomed three more businesses to our group:


Eastern Suburbs Strata - a small boutique strata management company located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

City Strata - a joint venture located in Canberra

Peninsula Strata - a local management company situated at Dee Why on the Northern Beaches of Sydney



As a group, we’re proud to operate under our banner of ‘supporting your world’. This means we’re dedicated to helping you manage all of the social, political, financial and functional needs of your living arrangement. We’ll develop a strong and respectful partnership with your executive committee and also help you to build a real sense of community spirit and belonging from the moment you set foot inside your property.


As strata professionals we love our job, we’re passionate about making strata work and we’re personally committed to making your lifestyle experience of strata living as rewarding and enjoyable as it can possibly be.


By choosing Esquire Property Group you’ll receive accurate and approachable services for everyone in your community. We look forward to becoming your trusted strata management partner.