Why Choose CMS



Why cambridge management services


Cambridge Management Services is a fully licensed agency with years of experience in managing strata and community schemes just like yours. We understand that every situation is different which is why we work hard in being able to provide you with completely tailored services to help you in the management of your building.


How we support you

  • Customer service excellence

    We will always give you the very best in customer service. Our friendly team members are trained in all technical aspects of strata & building management and are ready to respond to your needs quickly and effectively. We’ll even ask you for your feedback so we can continually improve the way we work to ensure we exceed your expectations each and every day.

  • Knowledge and experience

    We have a strong track record in managing all types of strata systems with sites that range in size from just 2 lots to over 2000 lots. We’re used to dealing with schemes involving multiple layers, members and shared services. So whatever your situation, we’re ready to help and we’ll make your life easier.

  • Management expertise

    Our managers are fully qualified and experienced with the best administrative and technical support available. We’ll deliver strong professional management for your owners corporation and establish a smooth working relationship with your executive committee.






  • Market leading technology

    We use market leading computer accounting software for all of our financial reporting and budget preparation.  We also provide owners and executive committee members secure 24/7 access to select financial management tools and information to keep you up to date and informed at all times. Our in-house expertise can even customise financial systems to suit specific requirements of your scheme.
  • Safety & compliance awareness

    We have thorough knowledge of all Workplace Health & Safety Standards and Fire Compliance requirements and their applications. Most importantly, we understand the impact they have on strata schemes and we can advise you how to best manage and minimise these risks and ensure compliance.

  • Asset Maintenance system

    Our Asset Maintenance Department means we’re always up to date with the proactive upkeep and maintenance of all essential services of your common property. We have a wealth of experience and leverage with major contracting companies and suppliers which can deliver you direct benefits, like our bulk energy rate discounts, meaning better rates for your energy supply.